Property Valuations

Property Valuation is the foundation of financial decisions made by real estate owners, investors, lenders and occupiers. Numerous factors determine the value of a property, making each property unique and different from others. Therefore, to obtain an accurate and reliable estimate of a property’s value, a valuation by a qualified professional is necessary. GPLC provides comprehensive and market leading valuation reports ranging in scope, whether this involves a single property or a large and complex portfolio. Our team of expert and highly trained professionals specialises in carrying out property valuations for all types of commercial, residential, mixed-use, agricultural and rural as well as special use properties, for a wide range of purposes including:

Sale & AcquisitionLoan Security
Accounting (IFRS)Property Development
Merger & AcquisitionLitigation
Compulsory Purchase & CompensationTaxation

We apply our understanding of current and future anticipated market and economic trends, comparable market data, environmental considerations, and relevant laws to provide reliable and accurate valuations. Our valuations are conducted in accordance with the latest Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Valuation – Professional Standards (RICS – Red Book) and the International Valuation Standards (IVS).

Investment Advisory

Having assisted numerous local and foreign investors in accomplishing successful real estate transactions in various sectors, our team of professional and expert consultants, are well-suited to assist with investment advisory services. We can confidently assist you with planning upcoming key investments and prepare you for a wide range of scenarios that may occur. We provide investment advisory services for potential residential and commercial real estate acquisitions, property developments, business acquisitions and mergers for all types of investors, whether individuals or large companies, institutions and organisations. Our investment advisory services are tailored to suit your needs and goals, providing critical information prior to proceeding with a real estate transaction. We can advise, identify key issues, opportunities and risks and provide strategic direction to maximise return on investment and enhance asset portfolios.

Development Appraisals

A development appraisal is a financial assessment which enables a developer or landowner to establish the viability of a project. The RICS defines a development appraisal as “an objective financial viability test of the ability of a development project to meet its costs including the cost of planning obligations, whilst ensuring an appropriate site value for the landowner and a market risk adjusted return to the developer in delivering the project”. Our team of highly skilled property professionals has extensive experience with development appraisal techniques. Our skills accompanied with use of our comprehensive database and industry leading software, can effectively advice clients on the financial viability of a development proposal of any type, determine the best routes for realising its full potential and enable a maximum return on investment.

Feasibility Studies

Real estate feasibility studies are used to determine the economic and logistical viability of any potential idea or project. They provide important information to investors to allow them to assess the risks of any project, anticipated returns, challenges and ultimately inform the decision to proceed or not. We have performed numerous feasibility studies in the Cypriot real estate market, with each study carefully designed to consider all contributing factors to a project’s success or failure. Aspects considered in our feasibility assessments may include fundamental market research, environmental concerns, site appraisals, budget analysis, anticipated operational and repair costs and existing facilities among others. Our feasibility studies provide our clients with highly detailed and valuable information, considering multiple potential scenarios to aid in understanding and predicting the success of a project. The ultimate goal for these studies is to assist key decision makers with the challenging decision on whether to proceed or refrain from a project or concept

Market Research & Analysis

As a leading property valuation and consultation firm, we frequently perform basic to extensive qualitative and quantitative market research for a diverse range of clients. Market research is a vital tool for real estate investment decisions, to gain an understanding and insight into a particular market and establish its current state, as well as anticipated short and long-term trends. Market research is a key requirement for development planning, commercial and residential real estate transactions, rent reviews, development appraisals and feasibility studies. Our broad range of market research services are highly sought out by corporations, governmental organisations and local authorities, developers, investors, lenders owners and occupiers. Regardless of the purpose, you can trust our skilled research team to provide you with comprehensive reports and surveys based on reliable data and forecasting.

Property Search

GPLC partners with the renowned Cyprus real estate agency Louis Estates, to assist our clients with their property search requirements. Louis Estates has a long established 40-year reputation as a leading agency that has assisted many thousands of individuals, investors, developers, companies and businesses with their residential and commercial real estate requirements. Louis Estates has also established a reputation for honesty, integrity, genuine passion for their work and client satisfaction. By working with Louis Estates, we are able to cover a greater range of services for our clients and ensure a seamless, efficient real estate planning and search process.

Our Clients

Private Investors & Individuals

We frequently work with individuals and private investors and assist with their specific goals regarding real estate planning, purchasing and investment.

Banks & Financial Institutions

Our client base includes some of the leading financial institutions and banks in Cyprus who regularly trust us with their valuation and consulting needs.

Accounting & Law Firms

Another major group of our clients include accounting and law firm partners, who trust us with any required real estate appraisal or valuation services for their own clients.

Property Development Companies

Our valuation, advisory, and consulting services are frequently requested by some of the leading property developers in Cyprus as a result of our extensive track record.

GPLC Chartered Surveyors is committed to helping our clients accomplish their real estate goals. Use this form contact us anytime regarding your current questions and we will reply as soon as possible.